Quilts Mean Love

Can you think of a quilt without thinking of love? Take a second to think of a quilt that means something to you. I can tell you mine, right off the bat: It’s an antique wedding ring quilt that I had on my bed as a child.  I still have it, though it’s a bit worse for the wear of time.

When I first started sewing again, I started to think about making a quilt.  I saw a post about a flannel rag quilt, and I thought to myself, “This! This seems possible.” So I started looking for purple flannel for my daughter.

Not to leave out my son, I asked if he would like a quilt too, and he requested Star Wars.  He chose all the fabrics, and his selections proved more challenging, as I didn’t want a quilt full of headless Reys.

Kids understand love. Both of these quilts have some mistakes and places to repair already, but they know it means Mommy loves them.

Purple Star Rag Quilt

Star Wars Close UpStar Wars Rag Quilt


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