A Tale of Two Disappearing Nine Patch Quilts

The disappearing nine patch offers a lot of payoff for the effort: Sew a three by three grid of fabric squares, cut that block into quarters, and then play!

The disappearing nine patch appealed to me because it creates a complex quilt with simple steps and because it’s precut friendly. Two charm packs, and you’re well on your way to a lap quilt.  And, wow, can it serve different purposes.

Take #1: Kaffe Fassett Spots Kaleidoscope 

Kaffe Fassett fabrics are so bright and complex that I decided not to impose any particular order on this project. I wanted to see where my whims and intuition took me at each step of the process. I ordered the binding fabric after I’d made the squares and really enjoyed the contrast between it and the border.

Kaffe Fassett Disappearing Nine Patch Spots

Take #2: Moda Plume 

With the Plume quilt, I wanted a bit more order and pattern, as I was making it for a home with lots of antiques. It needed to look more traditional.

First, I sorted the fabrics by patterns Since the corner pieces of the nine-patch don’t get cut, I chose the fabrics with the largest patterns and highest contrast for the corners. The more monochromatic patterns became the side and center pieces.

Every block was laid out in the same direction to give the appearance of sashing. Because I had two charm packs, I had at least two of each fabric, so I laid out the blocks so that the bigger pieces created their own pattern (with one switch, suggested by my son, a.k.a. Design Assistant). The quilt feels complex, but organized.

Plume Front


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