Scrap Quilts When You Don’t Have Scraps

I started quilting about a year ago. One of the great pleasures of sewing now, as opposed to when I did so as a 4-H kid, is the great community of people writing about quilting on the internet. So many pictures! Ideas! Tutorials!
As I dove into reading, a common theme emerged: “scrappy quilts.” It seems everyone has this mountain of scraps from which vivacious quilts can be made.  I loved many of the ideas…but my Pinterest boards are more full of ideas than my scrap bin is full of scraps.
Enter Diary of a Quilter (an incredible blog with a wonderful set of tutorials about making a quilt from start to finish). Pink Castle Fabrics, one of her sponsors, offers a Stash Building Club.  What a great idea!
Every month, I get a packet of fat eighths in one color theme.  I really enjoyed just staring at the first couple sets, but I realized that if I’m going to make some scrappy quilts, I needed to cut.  After a lot of pondering on my commute home (where I do a lot of quilt thinking), I decided to start with Wonky Log Cabins.
A fat eighth is about 9 x 21 inches.  I decided to slice off a long 2.5 inch strip from each fat eight to set aside.  I love jelly rolls, so I will effectively build a really large rainbow jelly roll by the time the year is up.  Then I sliced 3-4 long strips at angles from the remaining fabric.  For now, I’m splitting those pieces into two groups–darker shades for the wonky log cabins, the brightest shades for another scrappy project, to be determined.
Here are my first two wonky log cabins.  Making them felt exhilarating, and I look forward to making more!

Quilts for Kids!

As soon as I realized that my experiment in making quilts was rapidly blooming into a Hobby-with-a-capital-H, I knew I needed a plan.  I like plans, lists, and goals.  Type A, what can I say?  I quilt in part to fight my perfectionist tendencies, but I still need organization.
How could I try all the new cool things I was reading about in a structured way?  My life as a mother gave me the answer: kids’ birthdays and new babies.
Quilts for babies and kids are small, simple designs can have a big impact, and any little goofs I have to fix won’t be so noticeable to a child. Quilts mean love, and kids get love.  I’ve played around with jelly roll race 2, a strip and flip, an improved flannel rag quilt, fussy cut rainbow unicorns, and my own design using a charm pack of batiks from eBay.
Here are a few of my “kid quilts”:
jelly roll race 2Rhoda Ruth Strip and FlipFullSizeRender (2)Ebay Batiks