Quilts for Kids!

As soon as I realized that my experiment in making quilts was rapidly blooming into a Hobby-with-a-capital-H, I knew I needed a plan.  I like plans, lists, and goals.  Type A, what can I say?  I quilt in part to fight my perfectionist tendencies, but I still need organization.
How could I try all the new cool things I was reading about in a structured way?  My life as a mother gave me the answer: kids’ birthdays and new babies.
Quilts for babies and kids are small, simple designs can have a big impact, and any little goofs I have to fix won’t be so noticeable to a child. Quilts mean love, and kids get love.  I’ve played around with jelly roll race 2, a strip and flip, an improved flannel rag quilt, fussy cut rainbow unicorns, and my own design using a charm pack of batiks from eBay.
Here are a few of my “kid quilts”:
jelly roll race 2Rhoda Ruth Strip and FlipFullSizeRender (2)Ebay Batiks

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